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Realizing the need for families with children with heart defects to have support, we founded California Heart Connection, a nonprofit support network.  (CA Heart Connection was founded after Braedon was born in 2000 to help other families with HLHS and other CHD.)To learn more, and see lots of photos, please see our California Heart Connection website.
Jeni, HLHS Survivor
(born 1985)
Read Jeni's story "Happy with Half A Heart" written by her in 2005.  She is now happily married to a wonderful young man, Nick.

To see more Pictures of Hope (of those with HLHS), see the Little Hearts, Inc. website.  Also see the TCHIN portrait gallery which shows LOTS of children of all different ages with HLHS.
Jessica, HLHS Survivor
(born 1987)
Many people are surprised to learn that there are HLHS survivors in their late teens and twenties.  The 3-stage surgeries were developed in the early 1980's and were experimental at first.  However, there are survivors from those very early days of the Norwood procedure.  The surgeries have been modified and improved over the last 20 years and so there are MANY more young survivors of HLHS today.  Some are now evening getting married, and having children (which was previously thought impossible - see our medical studies page.)  These young adults and their parents are truly an inspiration to all of us with children with HLHS.
Sema, HLHS Survivor
(born 1988)
Sean, HLHS Survivor
(born 1985)
California Heart Connection's 10th Annual Picnic and Health Information Fair, June 2010. 
Hospitals, physicians and vendors attended with information on procedures, therapies, and equipment that can help children with CHD.